Day: October 22, 2023

Top Picks For the Best Dispensary TorontoTop Picks For the Best Dispensary Toronto

The cannabis retail landscape in Toronto is incredibly crowded. The city has more than 215 licensed dispensaries, a number that reflects the growing interest in the market, but finding one with good products and a good experience can feel like a tall order. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best dispensary toronto.

Located on Bathurst Street in the Annex, Minerva Cannabis is an independent, locally-owned shop that prides itself on inspiring a new generation of legal cannabis consumers. The shop has a warm, inviting interior that is filled with natural light and tasteful decor. Its employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and the shop offers a wide selection of cannabis and cannabis accessories. This link

Another top choice is RELM, a recreational cannabis store that strives to provide a comprehensive shopping experience for its customers. Their customer service and extensive employee training make RELM stand out from other dispensaries. They also offer a wide variety of products to suit different moods and needs, including pre-rolls, oils, edibles, and other accessories.

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The Hunny Pot was the first legal cannabis store in Canada, and they have been delivering quality products to their customers since 2019. Their stores prioritize their customer’s needs with an efficient, easy-to-use process that helps them find what they need quickly. They offer a wide selection of premium cannabis products, and their return policies are among the most generous in the industry.

Tokyo Smoke is a well-known Canadian legal cannabis retailer with locations across the country. Their stores have a sleek, modern aesthetic that gives them more of an Apple store vibe than a traditional marijuana shop. Their curated product displays feature helpful information for each item, including how it can be used and the type of activities it can enhance, its cannabinoid content, and terpene notes.